Aes Gayi Badal Kashmiri Song Lyrics

Aes Gayi Badal Kashmiri Song is a famous rap song by Ubaid Taj a new Kashmiri rapper. Once you listen to this song you enjoy every best of music and the lyrics definitely has a deep message to convey.

Aes Gayi Badal Kashmiri Song Lyrics

This Kashmiri rap song draws a comparison between the old age and new generation of Kashmiri people. It says that people of Previous generations in Kashmir are now nowhere to be seen. They were living, carrying, and hospitable. The new generation is however different.

The phrase Aes Gayi Badal had gained popularity among the people of valley after Musaib Bhat , another famous Kashmiri Youtuber released his song ‘Downtown’. Though Ubaid Taj feels the term was misinterpreted by some people in Kashmir. This he came up with yet another song on the same phrase. He has tried to highlight the issues prevalent in society in Kashmir.

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About the Aes Gayi Badal Kashmiri Song

Song Written and Performed by: Ubaid Taj Beigh Music: Arif Mir. Recorded at SXR Studio Rajbagh Srinagar

Voice Mohd Ashraf Dabang..

Aes Gayi Badal Kashmiri Song Lyrics are Here

Aes Gayi Badal. Aes Gayi Badal Godei Aesi Aes Monjgool Khewani Woni che aes Pezhan lamani Beyes Mokh Aes asi na marany Won che AES akh akis khareni Karas No Fursat Che Yeti Kar Baris Gurbat Che Yeti Du Saesnis Ney Futwoty Yeti… Dudh Annas ny loty Yeti…

Bet Chi Lagith Power Kati Chuey Nalke Lagith aaby Kati Chuey Gadi Che dunhich sadke Kate chy Pyarnas aes taby Kati cheu

Pren chi asli es chi nakli Haq Sani kya bani Sani akli Tagan cxi sory Kari cxhup kukli Rate Yi pentop yehy chezi sakli…

Aes gye Badal Badal Badal

Nekh moklan Yeti zalim che navani Bemarev kermex khatam chi jawani. Kya bani Lokten yeman na chun shrapeni Nash cheu aam Yeti yehy gai wereinyyy

Kori mol tawnas cheu lagithyyyy Naras diya nerii kin soun was di Rasmo aes Yeti walmit chiy Nikah mushkil aes delmit chii

Khet na khet saalir tote fakaiii Saeti seni hati seni tote fakaiii Beyis wucho ne aes panis sanhow Cxupari walmit chi aes gonhow Rishte khatam gye lagya ponso Cxe as fasi khalith lagya ponso Loket na manaan bes ne hechnavaan Waqt Chu yuth shor ory khochnavaan Mana wat ha kadak wattt


Aes gayi Badal

Here is the Official Video of Aes Gayi Badal

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