Sitamgaro Kashmiri Song Lyrics

Sitamgaro Kashmiri Song is a new release by famous Kashmiri Song artist and musician Ishfaq Kawa. This Kashmiri song is a hit and is trending on social media.

Kashmiri music is known for its rich melodies and hauntingly beautiful lyrics, which often deal with themes of love, nature, and the human experience. The music of Kashmir is influenced by a variety of cultural and artistic traditions, including Hinduism, Sufism, and the traditional music of the region.

Sitamgaro Kashmiri Song Lyrics

This Kashmiri song was launched just two weeks before and has received a good response from the audience. On YouTube alone, this song has garnered nearly 290K views and counting. This song is also available on multiple platforms in audio format and is being liked by a huge audience.

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Sitamgaro Sitam Karthem Wafa Kormey Daga Kortham is a 5.30-minute song where the acting party has been done by Faiz Allie and Aksa Khan. As per source, this song has mainly been shot in Delhi, Rishikesh, Meerut.

Sitamgaro Kashmiri Song Lyrics

If you’re looking for Sitamgaro Lyrics Sitam Karthem Wafa Kormey Daga Kortham this song you can get them right here.

Ma cxi kartam SitamRaaz daro yitamCxe bager cham tabah zindag

Hali Dil Bawhy Yimm Zakhm Hawhy Chani Bapat Ratim Tanê Mei

Sitamgaro Sitam Karthem Wafa Kormey Daga Kortham

Safar ashkuk yi mushkil Chu

Cxe Ma Dibar Juda Kartam Sitamgaro Sitam karthem
Wafa kormai daga kortham
ودان دوہہ رات می ووتم سہ دردل کیازِ می روٹھم می تمندسی شہرس مٛنز جِسم یتی ruh تتی رودمجِسم یتی ruh تتی رودم

Sada Layim Temis Yaras Me Temsenz Gai Kabr Saden…

Safar Ashkun Yi Mushkil Chu Cxe mandibar Juda kartamSitamgaro Sitam Karthem Wafa Kormai Daga KorthamSafar ashkun yi mushkil ChuCxe Ma Dilbar Juda KartamLakeeran Hund Lekhun Kerkya Me Kismatsy Hajar OosumWun Kormei Alwida Yaro Wun Dim Rokhsat Me Nerun ChumYiyam Aaram Rohas Meines Cxe Kabre Peth Dua KerzemSafar ashkun yi mushkil ChuCxe Ma Dilbar Juda kartamSitamgaro Sitam karthem Wafa kormai daga kortham

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