Domain Name and Web Hosting: An Easy Registration Guide

If you are a beginner, understanding domain name and web hosting can be very technical. Lots of blogposts have been written about this topic and it can be very technical for a newbie to understand it. Worry not, we will try to keep it as simple as possible to clear this complex thing.

So the domain name is the address of the website that people type in the URL of a browser to reach the intended website. In the world of internet, if a website is your home located somewhere, the domain name it’s exact address. In my case is the address of my website located somewhere in web.

Let’s find out how to buy a domain name:

The’re a good number of domain name registrars and choice rests on you to select the domain registrar that you think is best for you. But before selecting a domain registrar please do some research, compare services and prices of each one to grab the best one for you. I am also a newbie and I did a vast research before reaching at a conclusion. So in my opinion namecheap is the perfect match for the budget prices and services it offers.

Domain Name

Namecheap is a leading domain registrar that offers domain name registration at affordable prices. I have also been on GoDaddy for domain name for two years but I found them comparatively expensive. Namecheap is known for offering 24×7 support to its customers. So I would recommend you to try namecheap. To buy a domain name go to namecheap website and create an account. After you are done with sign up process ,go to namecheap homepage and type the domain name you want to buy. Add the domain name to the cart and proceed for checkout. If you have a promo code, you may get additional discount. Checkout and your good to go.

Web Hosting Defined:

Web Hosting as the name suggests, is the address where all the files on the web , live. It is the actual address point of any website that is available on internet. Hosting is like the original home of our website. A website on internet is worthless without web hosting. When someone on internet searches for your domain name or website, it is the web hosting that serves the user with the files on your website. Though domain name and Web hosting are two different services but they work together to make a website live. Both are interdependent . Without domain name, it will not be possible for people to find your website and without web hosting you cannot build a website. In the nutshell web hosting is the process of buying a renting space for hosting your website on world wide web. Before your website content like html, css and images appear online, they need to be stored on a server. A web Hosting provider allocates some space to store the files on the web server so that it can be accessible to users who visit your website.

How to Buy Web Hosting:

Web hosting

If you’re planning to launch your own website or a blog, choosing a reliable web Hosting is very important. Like domain names registrars , there are thousands of web Hosting providers who offers attractive and budget friendly plans and services. Your plan selection should reflect what you intend to use your website for. If you’re a newbie, please do some research and choose your hosting plan wisely. Often mistakes are made once you are new to this field. You may be tempted by the cheapest hosting plans but sometimes they can be a costly affair in terms of reliability and services. So invest your mind and time and go with the right choice. Hosting Raja, Hostgator, Bluehost and Hostinger are a few hosting providers. However I have purchased web hosting from Hostinger. Visit hostinger website and sign up. Create an account and find your best plan. Watch this simplest video to know more about web how to buy web hosting from Hostinger.

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