How to Make Money Online? Earn ₹50,000 Per Month in 2022

Earn ₹50,000 Per Month without Investment | How to Make Money Online

Are you here to know how you can make money online? Then you are most welcome and you can start your online journey after reading this article carefully. Let me ask you a question. Can you imagine earning money without investing a single peny of yours? I know many people will answer a big No. Earning money without investing seems a bad joke. But today in this article I will tell you there are a lot of platforms you can use to earn a good amount of money for yourself. You must have seen your friends making YouTube videos, increasing followers on Instagram and posting content on multiple social platforms.

The online earning mantra is simple. All you need is a computer or phone with internet access. Instead of wasting your  precious time browsing and surfing internet, lets learn how to convert it to some money making. If you are really serious and want to work hard you can make money online, working in your free time.

On the internet, there are two distinct ways of making money. The first way is active income. With active income, its like your normal 9 -5 job. You only get paid for the work you do. If you do not work, you don’t make money, as simple as that. The second way is through passive income. This is my favorite method because, with active income, all you do is put in the work once, and the money in theory should keep rolling in, without you having to do any more work other than maybe promoting what you have made, or in some cases what other people have made. Here are a few ways to help you earn money online.


Upwork is a website for freelancers. With upworks you are making acvtive income. Businesses and individuals post services on upwork. If you are good at something you will get lots of jobs such as article writing, video editing, app development, Coding etc. If there is something that you are good at maybe Graphic design or coding or just about any skill, head over to upworks and start making some real money. Here’s a tip if you are considering working on upwork, have a robust profile that looks good. This will drastically increase your likelihood of ever receiving job offers from potential clients. Displaying your best work or highlighting specific experience can and will help you stand out.

 2. YouTube:

Who doesn’t know YouTube. Lot of people with a simple talent are actually making money with YouTube. If you are considering getting into YouTube to make money, make sure you can work hard for a few months. After  you start a brand new channel from scratch, you first have to reach the YouTube minimum threshold to get monetized. You will need 4000 watch hours, and 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months. Once you have reached the mark, you can get monetized.

Wonder how much can you make on YouTube? Honestly as much as you want! As long as you keep uploading good content that people are willing to watch. You can make anywhere from 1$ to thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The more views you are getting, the more money you can expect to make, and also you get more subscribers. With YouTube, what you are earning is passive income, make a few videos and they should keep making you money consistently. Once you are popular on YouTube and your audience gets bigger in size you can also expect paid sponsorships.

3. Amazon Affiliates Programme:

  Amazon, e-commerce company is known World over for its products and services it offers. Millions of products and services are sold on Amazon. It is not just a platform to get your stuff online, rather it’s much more than that. Being a customer can get you good amount of money from Amazon. This is a very popular and easy way of earning passive income.

All you do is sign up to the amazon associates program which is free, than you can pick from thousands of stuff amazon sells on their website and start promoting. Amazon will give you a special link, and every time someone buys through your link, amazon will give you a commission anywhere from 5 – 10% of the sale. Amazon will pay you 60 days after a purchase and you can chose to be paid either through amazon gift cards, transfer to a bank account. What are you waiting for. Go straight and sign up for the money making programme.

4. Clickbank:

  You have heard of Clickbank may be? You can sign up for their associate programme and start earning money. Clickbank is a huge marketplace for product creators. After becoming a clickbank associate you can make money online buy selling their courses or services to the world. Clickbank only sells digital products that have relatively higher commissions compared to amazon. Some services can give you as much as 75% commission.  That being said you have a good chance to make your mark here. So hundreds or even thousands of dollars can be yours with in next few months. Simply head over to clickbank, pick something to sale and start making money.

5. Shutterstock:

I believe you have a good smartphone and you click amazing photographs with it. What if I tell you Shutterstock is a platform where you can sell your pictures, music and video clips. People across the world upload great quality digital content and make some real money here. So next time you take out your camera, shoot better pics and videos and upload them on Shutterstock.


  Want to teach like a teacher or a professor. Or you just want to learn a new skill. Well this website is for you. You may be good at teaching a language, cooking, playing a musical instrument etc. Head on to this website and start your teaching dream. Anything that you think someone else might not know, you can teach people on Takelessons, and start making money online.

 7. Fiverr :

  You might have come across Fiverr while watching YouTube videos. Lots of videos are available about Fiverr on youtube. Fiverr is a freelance website where people sell services. If you master coding, make websites, apps and video editing you can sell your services here. Individuals and businesses always outsource these services. You have a fair chance of making huge money on this platform.  Sign up on Fiverr and make a decent profile of yourself. You can also include past work experience if any. The jobs like  animations, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Web & Mobile Design, Social Media Design, Photoshop Editing, Architecture & Floor Planning, 3D Models & Product Design, T-Shirts & Merchandising, SEO and so much more are there to lay your hands on. If there is anything that can be outsourced, you can most likely find it on fiver.

To conclude if you have a great will power and want to earn online, you can find hundreds of ways. The above listed methods are only a few of them though. These are some of the most trusted methods by which people have really generated good income. Who knows you can be the next to make a mark. Make a resolve and focus on any one of the above methods. I know it is not going to be so easy, but it is not that difficult as well.

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