Know the best TWS under 2000 in India

Looking for best TWS under 2000 Rupees. TWS are the newest tech in the audio segment. TWS are hot electronic audio devices you fall in love with. Basically, they’re the hottest selling earphones and more people prefer TWS over wired earphones or Bluetooth headsets.  It’s interesting that TWS has become popular in the last 1-1.5 years. In a, recent poll by Trackin Tech it was found that more people  TWS earphones over neckband and Bluetooth headsets. This fact can be certified while you go out and find people with TWS enjoying their music in gyms, parks and while commuting .

In this article we will list out some of the best TWS that are trending in the market. Off course we have kept the budget and affordability in mind. So all the earphones will cost you Rs 2000 or less. This article will cover all the  new TWS earphones that have launched in the last 6 months or even in the old ones. Here we will list out only those TWS that pass our basic criteria where we check the audio, battery, overall quality & brand of the product. So through our exhaustive research we found some fantastic TWS Earbuds for you. Here we talk about them one by one.

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1. DIZO GoPods Neo –

Dizo GoPods Neo has some great features to offer. It may be a little more than 2000 rupees but we couldn’t drop it for the features it has. You get ANC(Dual Mic Noise Cancellation) which is good as you can silent the noise while using it. You get touch controls & you also get the realme Link App support & they come under realme’s IOIT ecosystem. You’ll also get updates for your TWS so the audio might get improved. It’s IPX5 so that’s good, it supports Bluetooth 5.2 & has 10mm drivers. It runs for about 7 hours on a single charge & a total of 28 hours with the case. So that’s quite good.

2. Realme Buds Q2 Neo –

It has awesome touch controls. You can control & assign functions as well. This device has 10mm drivers & it has good audio quality. Battery is good at 5 hours on a single charge & 20 hours of total backup time. It’s not the best but it’s still good enough. It’s IPX4 certified, supports Bluetooth 5.0 & has ENC(Environmental Noise Cancellation). In fact, the TWS before had some amount of passive noise cancellation. And the Q2 Neo’s price is Rs. 1599. I’ll say it’s definitely one of the better value for money TWS earphones on our list.

3. Truke Buds S1-

Friends, if battery is the most important thing to you. If you want a huge 50-60 hours battery backup, then  Truke Buds S1 is just right for you. The total backup of single buds is 10 hours & total with the case, you get 72 hours! OMG! Yes, its audio quality is ok & its price is Rs 1399. The audio isn’t the best but the battery backup is great! Along with noise cancellation these stylish buds have touch controls in them! You get 10mm drivers, but still the audio quality is ok. But if you want battery, touch controls, etc. then you can definitely look at Truke Buds S1.

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4. OPPO Enco Buds –

You’ll like these if you’re an active person who works out all the time. Because it has IP54 certification, meaning it’s dust & water resistant for outdoor activities. Its price is Rs 1799, you get a 6 hour playtime on a single charge & 24 hours battery with the case! So you can use them for 3-4 days once you’ve fully charged the case & the buds. You get 8mm drivers & the latest Bluetooth 5.2 support. We’ve tried them, overall & they’re quite good for the price.

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5. Redmi Earbuds 2C

They’re priced at Rs 1499 & if your budget is under Rs 1500, then you can definitely look at them. Their drivers are 7.2mm & we’ve tested them. They’re IPX4 certified as well. The one bad thing is that its battery goes 4 hours on a single charge but you only get 12 hours of backup with the case. It should’ve at least been 20-24 hours & that’s why it’s on No. 5 .But all other things are good.

If you look at the overall things, I think DIZO GoPods Neo are definitely at #1 as the best TWS under Rs 2000. Now you guys tell me your opinions because there are many brands of  TWS earphones. If you think there are some other TWS under 2000 that should’ve made the top 5 list then do let us know in the COMMENTS! If you agree to our list & want to buy anyone of these, then please check out our affiliate links provided under every product. This may earn us some commission and we will appreciate it.

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