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Things do not go according to our plan. Every one of us without a single exception would have faced things in their lives that did not go according to the way they wanted it to go. There is no exception it’s a challenge. Nobody can say everything in my life happened exactly as per my plan. It goes to show you’re weak oh man. You can plan but Allah has a bigger plan, a better plan. Allah knows what’s good for you He knows what’s bad for you. Sometimes he plans for something you think is very bad for you but if you go back to the manuscript in order to know how to look at it, it will be the most positive thing that ever happened in your life.

Allah has a Better Plan

Don’t be deceived by this worldly life it is short it is temporary. It’s going to be end for you today or if you’re lucky, tomorrow. Or in the near future you need to be ready. Are you ready if your answer is no then you don’t know what the world is all about. You don’t know what this life is all about. If you have sinned my brothers and sisters remember one thing turn to Allah that is One thing that will free you from hell fire. Keep seeking the forgiveness of Allah. Your Lord is the most merciful the most compassionate the most beneficent the most kind the most loving. He will forgive you but what is needed from you is to seek that forgiveness.

Dont be deceived by this worldly life…… Mufti Menk islamic status

Allow me to ask you about your link with Allah. Allah sent you to earth, gave you a brain. He gave you the ability. He sent you messages and messengers. Did you ever recognize Allah. You know you are going back to Him like everyone else has come back to Allah. What did you do about it. You knew that you are becoming older and older and one day you have to leave this world and everybody else will take over.  Why didn’t You develop a link with Allah. You knew Allah was your Creator  why didn’t you realise and say oh my Lord you are the Highest and the Greatest. Life is a gift of Allah. Allah’s going to question you about everything He’s blessed you with.

Make your connection with Allah strong Mufti Menk Islamic Status

Who is the best among us? Who is the best muslim. Listen to mufti Menk and learn more in this video clip.

Best Muslim Among Us status….

You need to get up and do something about your life you need to until the day you die you need to have hope no matter what difficulty you’re in you can be in the biggest mess today you can be diagnosed with a terminal disease you can be on your deathbed a true movement two things happen to him or her you have hope in the mercy of allah Either he will cure you or he will grant you jannah because of your suffering there’s no third way.

Get up and do something about your life….

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