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New viral Instagram Reels Effects to try this week

Hey I am sure you want to try new viral Instagram Reels Effects and make your reels go viral. Well after Tik Tok was banned in India Instagram came with the concept of Reels. Since then Instagram users have gone crazy about this short video service by Instagram itself. You have the freedom to express yourself by recording a short 15 second videos, add music, AR effects and much more.

Today here we will share some trending Top Instagram Reels Effects that you shouldn’t miss. We will list some Reels below and tell you how you can find these effects and use them.

Donuts :

Try this effect and donuts well keep pouring into your mouth. Your face will be like a big baloon. This effect is very viral on Instagram and people are loving it.

Handsome Squidward:

This is an amazing Instagram Reels effect. It’s back music is really fantastic. Your face turns tangle shaped. I am sure like other Instagrammers you guys will also love this Effect.

Magnifier: Instagram Reels Effects

Trying to figure out who your soulmate is. Worry not add this Instagram effect let’s you know the first letter of your soulmates name. Well I am not sure whether this is gonna work in your case or not. But this Instagram effect is very popular in Reels these days and this should really give it a try.

Marriage Predictor: Instagram Reels Effects

Ok want to know when are you going to get married. Use this reel effect and get to know the age you will get your life partner. And stop if you are married don’t play tricks with Instagram. This AI powered effect will catch you red handed. You can find lots of Reels using this effect on Instagram.

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How old do I look:

Ask people their age and they won’t tell the right age. Well this filter does wonders. Use this filter and this will reveal your age. But the accuracy of this feature seems to be so so.

Half filter tik tok.

This is perhaps the most viral effect on Instagram Reels. Show your face in filter and no filter mode and results are astonishing. People usually like to fake when it comes to beauty and this filter is really awesome. It will reveal your real face when using no filter.

Bengal Tiger:

So you got the guts to tame a Tiger. This effect is really awesome. When I first scrolled through this reel I was like vow, can this be possible to play with a beast. Then only I realized it’s a reel effect. Though there are lot more effects to try on Instagram. But then these are done widely used fillets on Instagram. Guys go and try all of these effects one by one and express yourself.

How to use the above effect:

Using that effects on instead is very easy. When you are ready to record your short video reel on Instagram just hit the effect and you will land on Effects page. Search for the effect though want to use and click on it. Select it and you are done.

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