Lux Cottswool Men’s Hot Cotton Thermal Set

Lux Cottswool Men’s Cotton Thermal Set. A great product that keeps you really warm even in zero degree temperatures. However u must wear cotton clothes as the warmth can get you itching your body. Also for temperatures as low as zero degrees you need to have a good sweater and jacket blocking the cold wind to pierce through.

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Some Reviews of the Product

1. Order this for my father and he is highly happy with the quality and fitting of the product. Colour is really cool as well as the quick delivery by Amazon.
It does what it claims i.e. keeps the body warm in chilly weather of North India.
He’s an old man and feels cold more than we do , And if he says it’s warm and cozy that means its indeed a good product to try in winters. Recently ordered two more sets .
So go for it and you won’t regret spending money on this as its a bit expensive than other local brands but its worth the spent.
Can wait for some deal too before buying.

Cotton Thermals

2. One day early review so the product hasn’t been tested for intended colder weather. But still feels warm and cozy.
The fitting is good albeit a little thick. Inner thermals are thick but I guess if you’re looking for good warmth in heavy winters, it being thick is a little reassuring. Upper fits perfectly (a little tight in chest area but inner thermals are supposed to be body hugging and tight) and the bottom thermal is a little short and only comes till upper ankles, I ordered small 80cm. Insides are soft fabric so feels comfortable and snug.

In the end I guess because of its thickness you can only wear one more layer over it if you don’t want to feel too uncomfortable. I recommend the upper can be used as a tight fit sweatshirt in mild winters. Stitching and construction quality seems genuine and as expected of a brand like this.

3. Product is soft and feels nice to touch. The packaging was good and unline the same product which I ordered from flipkart, the amazon one actually came in a lux branded inner packet which was nice. About the thermals, nice and will be tested when I fly to north India in couple days. The stitching is weak in the trouser base and could’ve been better. The upper thermal is slightly tight at the armpits, hence, deducted one star. Rest length wise it’s good.

Product description

Cope with the cold stylishly wearing cottswool from Lux. Made from cotton rich fabric. It will keep you warm and cosy all day long. This cottswool embraces your body in a perfect fit and shields you from the chilly weather.

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