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New F Gear Stylish Mask you should try

Are you looking for a stylish mask. Here is the New F Gear Standard Size Mask to try this season. I have purchased this item for myself and believe me the product is awesome. This is a special product that can filter up to 95% of bacteria and give you protection from Corona virus. F Gear Standard Size for Adult Color Black F95 Safeguard 7 layer ISO CE SITRA lab certified >95% Bacteria Filtration Face Mask comes in a pack of 3.

You can use this mask for Outdoor Walk, Travel & Commute, Biking, Cycling Police, Traffic, Security & Delivery Personnel, School, Office, Industry, Hotel, Meetings, Business Travel, etc. There is always a suitable facemask for everyone with these vivid &trendy designs. The item is ideal for Men and Women. Available in one size: Standard Contemporary design for maximum protection | Foldable design for easy storage.

About this Mask

  1. MADE IN INDIA | AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT Ear Loop mask design It has a Nose Clip which provides more safety, grip & anti fogging. Reusable and Washable up to 30 gentle hand wash with mild soap & mild disinfectant. Tubular Super soft (72 filament composition) Skin Friendly Nylon-Spandex based elastic head loops meaning ultra-comfort. This functional range of masks is a must have protection accessory.
  2. F Gear F95 7 Layer Mask is lab tested & certified as per Indian bureau of standards by SITRA LABS which is the foremost lab in India for testing this product. Following tests passed:- ≥ 95% Bacteria filtration for >3micron as per ASTM F 2101. ≥ 95% Particle filtration for >0.3micron as per ASTM F 2299/F 2299M-03(2010). Easy Breathing Differential Pressure test≤ 35Pa/cm2 as per IS 16289:2014 Annexure C. Splash Resistance test done at 160 mm/Hg as per ASTM F1862/F1862M-13. Above F95 passed tests are N95 equivalent specifications.
  3. F Gear has the following quality certifications:- ISO 16604:2004 | SA-8000:2014 | ISO 16602:2007 | ISO/DIS 22611: 2003 | ISO 16603:2004 |ISO 45001:2018 | ISO 9001:2015 | ISO
  4. generation “5 Beam Reifenhauser Technology from Germany” Bacteria Filter used in the F95 range of colourful masks delivers enhanced 7-layer bacteria/ particle filtration system and saves you from harmful bacteria, particles, gases, odours, pollen, smoke & dust. Outer Layer – Air Mesh Middle Layer – 5 layer fused fabric called Spun Melt SSMMS. This contains 5 fused layers viz. Spun-Spun-Melt-Melt-Spun Polypropylene which acts as the Bacteria/Particle filter. The inner layer is the soft wicking 100% cotton fabric with Anti-Microbial treatment.

Some reviews of the Product

You may buy this Awesome product here

Soft ,Compact n Elegant in looks.The adquate layers in it best serves the purpose for which it has been purchased.

– Quality of the mask is pretty good
– Safe to use & up to the standard
– Soft and can be used hours together

– Ear loop given in the mask is very average
– Advisable for only machine wash
– Brand Label at the side is quite big for the mask

The product is right size and comfortable though a little pricey. SO the quality of fabric used is also very good.

It’s very smooth. And it’s very comfortable to wear. I purchsed 4 other mask from amazon but compare to this no one is better than this.

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